Elize du Toit


Elize back in Hollyoaks – for one night only!

2:51pm on 27th October 2007

As you may have seen in your TV guides or read in the paper, Elize makes a guest appearance back in Hollyoaks this week – Tuesday the 30th to be precise (or the 29th if you watch it on E4). Elize’s character Izzy turns up at old flame Tony’s 30th… Read more

Homeland poster

1:04pm on 29th September 2007

The poster for the much-anticipated Homeland has found it’s way on to the IMDb page for the movie, and you can see it below. Not much news has been found about this movie for a while now, so hopefully the appearance of the poster means more news is… Read more

Devil’s chair director blog

9:41am on 24th September 2007

Devil’s Chair director Adam Mason is writing an official blog for the website Bloody Disgusting, talking about the promotion of the film – including it’s recent showing at the Toronto International Film Festival, where it received glowing reviews…. Read more

Elize in next week’s Dr Who – trailer

7:24pm on 17th June 2007

The second of Elize’s Dr Who episodes will be shown next Saturday, and you can see a preview of the episode… Read more

First Dr Who appearance screened

6:33pm on 20th May 2007

Elize made her first appearance in Dr Who on Saturday night, in the role of the sinister ‘Miss Dexter’ – one of Mister Saxon’s henchmen. She will be appearing again later in the series (episodes 12/13) so keep an eye out for her then, but in the… Read more

New site launched!!

4:16pm on 19th May 2007

Well, after probably the longest period of down-time in the history of a website, the ElizeduToit.com website is finally back up and running, with a brand new look and loads of new content. The relaunch has been timed to coincide with tonight’s… Read more

‘In Your Dreams’ trailer released today!

1:15pm on 16th May 2007

Director Gary Sinyor added the brand new trailer for ‘In your dreams’ to the MySpace profile of the film today (it’s also on YouTube), but if you haven’t got a myspace account you can view it… Read more

Devil’s Chair trailer online

4:14pm on 12th March 2007

Good news for horror fans, the trailer to Elize’s film ‘The Devil’s Chair’ has been put up online today, and you can view it by clicking the image… Read more

Brigade ‘Guillotine’ video released

3:29pm on 24th January 2007

As some of you will know, Elize recently filmed a part in an upcoming horror movie for director Adam Mason, entitled ‘The Devil’s Chair’. Well, as well as the movie, Elize and the cast recently got back together to film the music video for the… Read more

‘Flirting with Flamenco’ clips

4:26pm on 18th October 2006

The makers of ‘Flirting with Flamenco’ have put a trailer online, along with a brilliant Behind the Scenes video. You can buy the film on Amazon by clicking this link, but in the mean time click the image below to watch the… Read more