Elize du Toit


Watch Elize in ‘Smile’ on Vimeo

3:19pm on 9th April 2014

A couple of years ago, Elize starred in a short film called ‘Smile’, which was shown as part of a number of short film festivals. You can now watch the entire film (it’s only 20 minutes long) via Vimeo – or by clicking below: smile.mov from… Read more

Elize du Toit and husband Rafe Spall attend “I Give it a Year” premiere

12:48pm on 25th January 2013

Elize was in attendance last night when husband Rafe showed up to the premiere of his latest film, “I Give it a Year” – and she looked utterly stunning. Just 2 months after the birth of their second child, Elize wore a figure-hugging orange dress… Read more

Meet 007’s newest lady – Elize du Toit announced for Skyfall

7:19pm on 22nd October 2012

In a piece of casting which some of us have thought was a long-time coming, our very own Elize has finally been confirmed as having been cast in Skyfall – which hits UK screens at the end of this week. Here’s the details on her role, thanks to… Read more

Elize du Toit in Coronation Street – First Photo!

9:35pm on 9th November 2011

Elize’s much-discussed and highly anticipated episode of Coronation Street is airing next Monday, November 14th. And thanks to the Corrie website, we have both the first photo… … and a video preview of the episode too. I can’t embed it… Read more

Welcome to ElizeDuToit.com!

2:50pm on 18th October 2011

Welcome to the brand new, all-improved ElizeduToit.com – theĀ first stop for fans of the beautiful actress. Check the news link for all the latest on Elize; Filmography gives you a guide to all the work Elize has done on both the big screen and… Read more

Meet Coronation Street’s New Star… Elize du Toit!

7:39am on 9th October 2011

Updated to add: Elize has just let me know that her Coronation Street stint is just for one episode (at the moment) so don’t get too excited. But it sounds like she makes an impact in her short appearance! According to reports in the People… Read more

Elize du Toit in ‘Lewis’

7:23pm on 8th October 2011

Next-up in my quest to clear the back-log of Elize appearances that haven’t yet been put up on the site is ‘Lewis’. Elize appeared in a recent episode earlier in 2011, and had the dubious honour of getting killed in quite spectacular fashion!… Read more

Captures of Elize in Material Girl

9:40am on 5th October 2011

Today’s backlog-tackling update includes captures of Elize in the BBC’s short-lived 2010 series “Material Girl”. Elize appeared in the very first episode in quite a crucial (and funny) role of a famous fashion model. Below are some of the… Read more

Captures of Elize in Doctor Who

8:48pm on 4th October 2011

Continuing my quest to finally update the site with a whole bunch of old appearances, today’s update is some new images of Elize in series 3 of the BBC’s “Doctor Who”. Elize appeared in a couple of episodes – “42” and “The Sound of Drums”,… Read more

Captures from Elize in ‘Waking the Dead’

8:44pm on 3rd October 2011

In an effort to get this site back in to shape – something I have neglected for FAR too long – I’m finally getting round to going through the backlog of Elize TV and film appearances that I’ve not yet capped. First up are the two episodes of Waking… Read more