Elize du Toit


American Retro Babes

3:06pm on 3rd July 2002

SOURCE: OK Magazine, July 3rd 2002 As the cast members model for OK!, four of it’s actresses talk boys, clubbing and clothing. Are you like Izzy? Izzy’s quite a light and fun character. I think in reality I bounce back from things, too,… Read more

60-second Interview

9:41pm on 30th May 2002

SOURCE: Metro Newspaper, May 30th 2002 60-second Interview with Elize du Toit, by Ben Sloan SOUTH AFRICAN ELIZE du Toit, 22, shot to fame – and the pages of many a lad-mag – when she landed the role of Izzy Cornwell in teen-soap Hollyoaks…. Read more

Hollyoaks meets 007

3:03pm on 30th May 2002

SOURCE: OK! Magazine, May 30th 2002 A fashion exclusive with Kate, Elize and Marcus. The spy-loving trio pose James Bond-style and let slip some juicy gossip from the hit soap. You’ve been in Hollyoaks for two years. Do you feel like an old… Read more

Izzy the one?

3:02pm on 3rd May 2002

SOURCE: Soap Life Magazine, May 3rd 2002 Tony’s the joker of the pack with the kind heart… and, when Izzy needs a friend, it could be the start of something big, reveals Elize du Toit. Life hasn’t exactly been a bowl of cherries for Izzy… Read more

OK! Interview

2:59pm on 14th March 2002

SOURCE: OK! Magazine, March 14th 2002 An OK! beauty exclusive with ‘Hollyoaks’ star Elize du Toit. The reluctant pin-up reveals how the role of Izzy Cornwell completely changed her life forever. Elize du Toit from Hollyoaks is even prettier… Read more

Pride of Chester

2:56pm on 1st March 2002

SOURCE: For Him Magazine, March 2002 Hangover TV doesn’t get more pleasant on the eye than Channel 4’s Hollyoaks. Elize du Toit plays Izzy, the sexy male-bothering posh kid slumming it as a barmaid. You left university to take up your role on… Read more

Jolly Hollyoaks

10:01pm on 21st February 2001

SOURCE: Now Magazine, 21st February 2001 School’s out for Hollyoaks actresses Terri Dwyer, Lisa Kay and Elize Du Toit. Their screen characters are swotty Ruth, Anna and Izzy. But after turning them into St Trinian’s-style bad girls, we discovered… Read more

The Stars of Hollyoaks…

9:57pm on 10th December 2000

SOURCE: Star Magazine, 10th December 2000 …Talk about Christmas plans, Perfect parties and taking their clothes off. It’s been a big year for the Hollyoaks crew: they’ve been working around the clock, tackling some spectacular storylines. Gary… Read more

Fortune Nookie

9:47pm on 1st November 2000

SOURCE: Loaded Magazine, November 2000 Hollyoaks lovelies Lisa Kay, Joanna Taylor and Elize du Toit clean up in the loaded sex awards. Masturbation isn’t a subject you should bring up when you meet a lady for the first time. Especially when… Read more