Elize du Toit

Meet 007’s newest lady – Elize du Toit announced for Skyfall

In a piece of casting which some of us have thought was a long-time coming, our very own Elize has finally been confirmed as having been cast in Skyfall – which hits UK screens at the end of this week.

Here’s the details on her role, thanks to Bond fan-site MI6-HQ:

With the release of “Skyfall” just a few days away in the UK, some of the smaller roles in the film are being revealed. Actress Elize Du Toit will play M’s Assistant in the film.

Her role in “Skyfall” is understood to be a one-off and the character is not expected to return in the next film, Bond 24.

M’s Assistant is not to be confused with the return of Moneypenny.

We’re very excited to see Elize on the big-screen again – we’re sure it will lead to lots of other exciting opportunities for her. And if nothing else it’s a nice excuse to share this classic shot of Elize recreating another famous Bond Girl pose…

7:19pm on 22nd October 2012

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