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Homeland now available via NetFlix

I received good news from Homeland director Christopher Young recently – namely that his brilliant film ‘Homeland’, starring our own Elize du Toit, is now available to rent via NetFlix. If you’re already signed up to the rental service, you can add Homeland to your wishlist here. If not, I highly recommend signing up (especially as they offer a 1-month free trial…!) and bagging yourself a copy of the movie to watch. It’s utterly brilliant, and Elize puts in a superb performance – very unlike anything you will have seen Elize do before…

Here’s how Christopher Young describes the movie himself:

“HomeLand, my film that explores the concept and reality of where we find ourselves in the character of a Marine who returns from Iraq with nowhere to go (and, tangentially the ill-conceived team-Bush moniker…).”

Go get a copy today!

2:23pm on 10th July 2010

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