Elize du Toit

Homeland (2010)

Released – 2010 (via NetFlix)

Director – Chris Young

Studio – Independent

Character – Sylvie

Other Cast – Fran Kranz, John Gleeson Connolly, Sue Cremin, Whip Hubley

Synopsis – “Homeland” is a drama with interlocking storylines about our disparate attempts to connect with others and the world around us; to find a sense of belonging. Five peoples’ fates become entwined when a soldier returns on furlough from Iraq. With no one to greet him at the airport, he sets out for the wild Northwest coast. His journey intersects with his distant father, his un-met step-mother, a bitter veteran, and the stewardess from his connection home. As each strays further from his everyday life and a body washes up on the beach, their fates become bound inextricably together. A newfound sense of belonging is forged and, finally, the soldier has something to come back to; now he must return to the real and present war.

In Elize’s words – “I play Sylvie – the airhostess Arne meets on the plane on his way back from Iraq. I survive in the bubble of the aircraft well – because it is a controlled environment, but cannot deal with real life. When I get ill, I get grounded and have to face up to reality. And Arne helps me do this …. Filmed in and around Seattle in 2006 – still in the edit. (had to dye my hair black for this part!)”

AFI Festival – Info on the film

12:01am on 10th June 2010

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