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Material Girl premiering this week

It’s been a long wait to finally see this one, but the BBC are finally showing the new Dervla Kirwan fashion show “Material Girl” this week (Thursday, 20:00) – and as regular visitors will know, Elize is the guest star in the very first episode. If you head over to the BBC micro-site for the show, you can see a clip from the episode, featuring our very own Elize towards the second half.

Being the first episode you can probably expect most of the plot to revolve around setting up the characters, but Elize has a fairly crucial role, playing a star who the team have to dress for Paris fashion week. The official synopsis from the BBC site is:

“It’s Paris Fashion Week and Ali Redcliffe has a huge flare-up with her boss, leading fashion designer, Davina Bailey. Back in London, the renowned Marco Keriliak offers Ali the chance of a lifetime: to set up her own label. But her friends all tell her he’s a nightmare. Probably not the ideal time to take a chance on love with new man Chris.”


2:59pm on 11th January 2010

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