Elize du Toit

Elize’s ‘Infidel’ wins at Raindance

8531_173109955814_116383405814_3722838_2782056_nA few weeks ago we told you about how a short film Elize starred in (‘Infidel’, part of the ‘Sins of London’ short film series) was nominated at the Raindance film awards. Well, the great news is that film won “Best UK Short” at the festival!

The official site for the project has also recently been launched, where you can see clips of Infidel amongst the other two shorts – http://sinsoflondon.com/film-info/infidel/ and there’s a Facebook fan page for it too, though admittedly it doesn’t have a lot on!

Congratulations to Elize and all the team behind the film – you can catch it for yourself at various short film festivals around the country, and with a Raindance win under their belt, it’s sure to get a DVD release soon enough.

3:14pm on 15th November 2009

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