Elize du Toit

Ghost Town (2009)

Released – 13th November 2009 (US)

Director – Todor Chapkanov

Studio – UFO Productions for Sci – Fi Channel

Character – Rachel

Other Cast – Jessica Rose, Randy Wayne, Gil Gerard, Billy Drago, Annabelle Wallis, Joey Ansah

Synopsis – From the Gil Gerard site: “The Reverend arrives in a town that experiences paranormal events every Friday 13th and it just so happens that on this Friday 13th a bus load of college students find themselves trapped in the town by its ghostly residents, who are hell bent on escaping their eternal entombment.”

In Elize’s words – “This was filmed in Sofia, Bulgaria. I play an American grad student who gets stuck in an old western ghosttown with some students and things go horribly wrong. Was very interesting filming in Bulgaria – I loved it.”

Ghost Town on IMDb

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11:47am on 11th August 2009

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