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SOURCE: Sunday Express S:2 Magazine, November 16th 2003

main_press_s21103.jpgWhen Elize du Toit’s bra flew off on-screen, it sent sales of the new Hollyoaks calendar soaring. Posing exclusively for s:2, the actress tells David Stephenson why things are getting steamy in soap land.

Soap babe Elize du Toit is not quite herself. “We’re just so busy at the moment, now that we’re five times a week,” she tells me in a rare break. Before you get the wrong idea, she is talking about Hollyoaks. In fact, her character, posh totty Izzy Cromwell [sic], has imposed a sex ban on fiance Ben because she wants to save herself for her wedding day.

This strategy was working well until Izzy let herself down last week when she found herself without a bra. Quite shocking, not least because said bra ended up in the hands of Ben – actor Marcus Patric – who used it to cover up his own embarrassment.

So just what is going on in middle-class Chester, where the soap is set? According to the publicity, it’s all “fiery tempers and hot passion” as “Hollyoaks hotties Izzy and Ben struggle to contain their sexual urges”.

Elize, 23, says: “Izzy had a very definite idea about how her perfect wedding should be and that included trying to keep ‘pure’ until the big day.

“She had been strong-minded but the romantic setting got the better of her.”

Are there any similarities between du Toit and her character? “That’s a frustrating question,” she says, “but no, not really. Izzy is a very tough character and insensitive but I’m not.”

On the subject of whether she has ever imposed a sex ban, she firmly says: “I don’t talk about sex.” She admits to being single, though: “I have been for a year.”

Born in South Africa, the actress was brought up in the capital, Pretoria. “I had a really great childhood,” she says. “It’s very difficult for me to talk about the troubles there – we were aware of what was going on. When I was 15, my parents decided to emigrate to Britain because they thought we would have a better future. But I would recommend South Africa to anyone for a holiday. My brother is at university there.”

After going to Wellington College, Berkshire, where she was a contemporary of Pop Idol’s Will Young, Elize went to Edinburgh University – until the lure of television proved too much. “I’d wanted to be an actress since I was a child but didn’t really know how to get into it. Then halfway through my course, I saw that they were having an open audition for Hollyoaks. There were around 7,000 hopefuls and the whole thing took hours. But I landed the part. It was great.”

Three years later, du Toit is one of the most recognised members of the cast – partly due to her appearances on the front of lads’ mags. “I don’t think I really have a lads’ mag image,” she protests. “And anyway it just comes with the job. It’s good for the show and it’s also fun to do.”

But there’s little doubt that her scantily-clad poses – on one occassion with another soap siren – have boosted the soap’s sex appeal. And the seductive picture of her in the 2004 Hollyoaks Babes Calendar is helping to make it the best-selling calendar in Britain. But du Toit says she’s not recognised very often in Liverpool, where she shares a house with fellow cast member Sarah Baxendale. “The funny thing is that in my entire time on Hollyoaks, I’ve only ever been chatted up once. And that was a really feeble effort from a guy who just mumbled something about wanting to buy me a drink. I tend to ignore it and get on with life,” she adds.

However, Elize hasn’t found time to go out lately: “It’s been a case of finish filming for the day, come home and feed the doggy. That’s about it at the moment. It’s been really tiring.”

She will get a break, though, when she heads to South Africa with her parents for Christmas. “I wouldn’t say they’re really fans of Hollyoaks. I’ll ring them and tell them to watch it when I’m on. I guess it’s not really aimed at their age group. If Dad says he’s watched it, I know he’s lying!”

9:38pm on 16th November 2003

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