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SOURCE: Inside Soap Magazine, 22nd November 2003

main_press_insidesoap221103.jpgHollyoaks’ Izzy Cornwell enjoys the finer things in life, but Elize du Toit reveals she’s happiest hanging out with her family at the beach. Just don’t bring a camera along to film her in a swimsuit…

I love your style, where do you shop?
Natalie Beach, London
I tend to shop in the Trafford Centre, especially Selfridges, as it has all the high street stuff as well as labels. I’m a real Jeans and T-shirts person. I like Gap and my favourite jeans are Seven and Paper Denim. But I get bored shopping after a while, so I don’t go very often!

There was a stage in Hollyoaks where you were always in Swimsuits – how did you feel about that?
Helen Cross, London
It was awful! It was the storyline when I was running the water polo team, but it’s horrible filming in a swimming pool. You’re either boiling or freezing – and I don’t like being in a swimsuit at all. But at least I didn’t have to wear a bikini.

Do you think the producers would let you dye your hair brown if you wanted to?
Oliver Davis, Sunderland
I think they probably would, as they have quite a few blondes in Hollyoaks, although it has evened out a bit more recently!

Is it true that you’re friends with Darius and Will Young?
Louise Devlin, Aberdeen
I went to school with Will – he was in the year above me, but the last time I actually saw him was at his 18th birthday party. He’s a lovely guy. Darius was in my year at university, and we were both really involved in the theatre so we had lots of mutual friends. I knew two of the three finalists of the first Pop Idol, which was weird!

What did you do during your time off recently?
A Crowther, Sheffield
I went to the Caribbean for two weeks, then to the South of France for a few days with my family, and I went to Rome for a weekend. We don’t get much time off work, so when I do I make the most of it!

I read that you grew up in South Africa. Have you been back recently?
Nikki Polides, Leicester
Yes. I was born and raised there – I’m 100 percent South African. All my family are still there apart from my mum, dad, brother and sisters. I go back every Christmas, and it’s a totally different experience – there are no roaring fires, snow and mulled wine. We have a barbecue, eat grapefruit and go to the beach in the afternoon.

Have you ever dated a fellow actor?
Chloe O’Donnell, Co. Dublin
I dated Ben Hull (who played Lewis Richardson in Hollyoaks) for a while, but that ended well over a year ago. He had left Hollyoaks and was doing Brookside – which was filmed in the same place. We’re still friends. You can’t help who you fall for, whether of not they’re an actor doesn’t come into it.

What type of music do you like?
Sarah Williams, via e-mail.
I like pretty much everything apart from house and techno. I love old music like sixties and Seventies stuff, I like indie, and I love cheesy stuff – like Kylie, and Coldplay. I also enjoy classical music and jazz.

Can you sing and, if so, would you consider it as a career?
Leah Spencer, Peterborough
I cannot sing to save my life, so no, I could never consider it! We have charity events every now and again, and a lot of the cast can sing, so they always do shows, but I wouldn’t dare try.

What’s the most ridiculous rumour you’ve ever heard about yourself?
Mark Peterson, Bournemouth.
That I’m fighting over a film role with Kelly Brook, to star opposite her boyfriend, Jason Statham. I read it in the paper and I wished it was true!

Did you always want to be an actress?
J Lowe, Oxford
Yeah, since I was little. I South Africa I did speech and drama classed, and then when we moved to England I was always in the school plays. Then when I was a student I was really involved in the university theatre company, but I never did anything professional until Hollyoaks.

Would you ever be friends with someone like Izzy in real life?
W Stokes, Maidstone
Izzy’s nice really. I know she can be bossy, but underneath it all she’s a good person, and she likes having a good time. But yeah, she can be annoying!

9:39pm on 22nd November 2003

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