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I spend a lot of my time naked

SOURCE: Star People Magazine, November 2nd 2003

main_press_star021103.jpgHollyoaks hottie Elize Du Toit reveals why her latest steamy role doesn’t involve any clothes, but does include snogging her mate. Kerry McCarthy reports…

Blonde bombshell Elize Du Toit bounds into the studio, full of energy. Despite her 7.20am start this morning, the 23-year-old still looks like a fresh-faced teenager.

“Right, what’s first?” says Elize, as she plonks herself in the make-up chair and starts applying her mascara. Not that this leggy 5ft 7ins, size 10 beauty needs any help. Even with no make-up on and hardly any sleep either, Elize is naturally gorgeous.

Three short years ago Elize du Toit (pronounced “Do Toy”) was studying History at Edinburgh University when she heard about a Hollyoaks ‘On the Pull’ event. Young hopefuls from all over the country were invited to try for a part on Britain’s best-looking soap show and Elize thought she’d have a go herself.

“I’d been in school plays, but I’d never acted professionally,” says Elize. “I just thought it would be fun to turn up and have a go. I certainly never dreamed I’d get the part.” But she did – Elize was plucked out of 40,000 hopefuls to be one of the lucky four chosen to be the new faces of Chester.

Within a few months, she had dropped out of her second-year studies at Edinburgh and enrolled on-screen as posh college student Izzy Cornwell.

“My very first day was nerve-wracking, but everyone on the set was so nice,” says Elize. “It’s funny thinking about it now. Hollyoaks is 100 per cent my life, there isn’t time for anything else.”

And thanks to a sizzling plotline that’ll soon send our screens into meltdown, Elize’s life is about to get even busier.

Izzy’s going to marry fireman Ben Davis, played by Marcus Patrick, who was ironically also a successful ‘On the Pull’ hopeful.

“It’s bizarre that our characters are getting married,” says Elize. “We’re already like an old married couple at work anyway, but he’s one of my best mates. I spend more time with him that anyone else right now.”

The plotline has Izzy trying to save herself until she’s married, but then it all comes to an exposive conclusion in a late-night one-off special edition of the show.

“We sure spent a lot of time naked,” laughs Elize. “If it hadn’t been so funny it would have been terrible.

“I had these little pieces of tape covering my boobs and Marcus had to make something to cover his bits up.”

Getting up close and personal to her good looking co-star is something Elize has had to get used to in recent weeks, but she admits it can be embarrassing.

“It’s a bit weird having to snog one of your best mates, especially in front of 35 crew!

“Our night shot was right opposite a row of houses, so the people inside probably got a good view!” Elize says.

Elize goes a bit coy when she’s asked about her own lovelife, but insists there’s no-one really special at the moment.

“I’ve been single for um…. ah…. about a year,” she says with a sneaky smile that just suggests there could be a lucky fella hidden away.

Although in the past Elize has been linked to co-star Nick Pickard, who plays chef Tony Hutchinson, and had a nine-month relationship with Ben Hull, who played Lewis, she says she doesn’t have time for a man right now.

“I work 12 hours a day, six days a week. So you can imagine trying to keep a relationship going is virtually impossible.”

In fact, her workload’s so heavy she also misses seeing her friends and family, who live in Berkshire. “I really do miss them, but it’s very difficult to see them because I have to be in Liverpool all the time for work.”

One of four children, Elize says her close family keep her well grounded and don’t make a big deal of her celebrity job.

“My parents are Afrikaans and I was born in South Africa where we lived until I was 15. We moved around a lot and finally settled down in England.

“I still like to travel when I can and when I had a month’s holiday I went to the Caribbean, Rome and France.”

Despite often being snapped on the red carpet looking drop-dead gorgeous, Elize insists she’s much more comfortable simply slobbing out at home.

“Don’t get me wrong, I love wearing beatiful clothes, I just hate shopping. If I had loads of money I’d pay someone to shop for me.

“When I get some time off, I love to stay at home with my dog, Maggie. She’s a little Maltese and I love her. I took her to work once, but she pooped in the green room and I got told off. So now she has to stay at home.”

After six dress changes, Elize is flying out the studio door to catch her train back to Liverpool.

“I’ve got a really early start tomorrow and I want to get home and go to sleep.”

Now who said life as a soap babe was all glamour!

9:36pm on 2nd November 2003

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