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SOURCE: OK! Magazine, July 22nd 2003

main_press_ok220703.jpgWhen it comes to upping the glamour stakes in Hollyoaks, no one does it better than the show’s resident posh totty Izzy, played by South African actress Elize du Toit. From college campuses to gossip columns of the nations tabloids, Elize remains one of the most interesting stars in the hit soap, forever being linked to her co-stars and adding a much-needed injection of hoity-toity sex appeal to the show.

Inviting OK! into her luxury Merseyside home, Elize reveals all about he split from co-star Ben Hully, her shock at seeing her knickers emblazoned across the national pres, and which male Hollyoaks star fills his Speedos the best…

Izzy’s one of the most popular characters in Hollyoaks – are you still enjoying playing her?

Oh absolutely! I’ve been a member of the cast for almost three years now, and every day is just as good as the last one. I’m not all that aware of being one of the ‘faves”, but it’s totally flattering that people think that of Izzy. I just go to work and do my stuff to the best of my ability.

You won your role in Hollyoaks through an open audition. Do you still pinch yourself at how well things have turned out?

Sometimes even to this day, I can’t believe I went for the audition. It’s strange how a very small spur-of-the-moment decision affects your life in the long run. I was studying history at Edinburgh University at the time, and while I was there I was part of the university theatre company, so really I went for the role just to gain some experience. Little did I know that I’d beat 10,000 others come the end!

You live in a stunning Edwardian cottage in one of Liverpool’s most desirable areas – are you now a fully-fledged Scouser?

[Laughs] Almost! One of the major plus points of settling in this bustling, vibrant city is all the space you have around you – it’s so different from Longon. I just love my little house in the village. Plus Liverpudlians are so welcoming and friendly. Withing two days of moving in, my neighbours invited me around for a karaoke session! And it’s so nice to sit out in the massive front garden waving hello to people. Even The Beatles Magical Mystery Tour bus drives past on it’s route, so it really is a special place.

You hit the gossip columns after turning up at the BAFTA Television Awards with uour knickers on show. Was that intentional?

Of course not. A gust of wind hit me as I ventured up the red carpet, and of course the snappers went wild. So obviously when it came to reading the tabloids the next day the photo they’d chosen was the one with my skirt over my head!

What about the tabloid story that Gary Lucy spent the night desperately attempting to get his hands on you?

[Shrieks with laughter] Oh, that is so funny! You know, I lived with Gary [who played Luke] for almost two years when he was on Hollyoaks, and he’s nothing more than a very good friend of mine. Luckily Gary and I know each other or else those malicious lies could have had bad results.

You seem to be constantly linked to your co-stars, from Gary to Ben Hull [Lewis] and now Nick Pickard [Tony]. Why is that?

I just don’t know. But you’re out and about in Liverpool with a male co-star and you automatically become an item. It does get slightly tiring.

So there’s no truth in the story about you having a relationship with Nick?

Absolutely not. Again, we’re good friends who were seen out in Liverpool’s Living Room bar one night.

You had a relationship with Ben. Are you still Friends?

Yes. IT’s been nine months since Ben and I parted company. And after Ben left Hollyoaks he went over to star in Brookside, which is filmed in the same building as us, so it was important for us to stay friends.

You’ve just shot the second [wrong – Third! Henry] Hollyoaks calendar. Did you enjoy slipping into the bikini again?

It’s always quite a daunting prospect, getting comfortable with your figure in front of a camera. But all the girls get the chance to get together and get a bit of sun, so that makes up for it.

At least the boys got their bits out as well…

I know, and that makes it all much better! The even better thing is that they shot their last calendar in and around the docks of Liverpool, with some of them clad only in Speedos! Not they know exactly how we feel!

Who needed the biggest pair?

Ooh. I’d have to say Henry Luxemburg, who plays Toby. He’s going to love me for that one!

9:32pm on 22nd July 2003

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