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SOURCE: Sunday Express S:2 Magazine, June 22nd 2003

main_press_s20603.jpgElize, 23, plays Izzy in C4’s teen soap, Hollyoaks. She lives in Liverpool with her co-star Sarah Baxendale, who plays Ellie.

Did you sleep well last night?

I slept very, very well. I was in bed before midnight and didn’t wake up once. I was lucky because I didn’t have to start work until 10.30, so I had a good eight hours sleep – I feel a bit groggy with less.

Who were you with at midnight?

My dog Maggie. She sleeps in my bed, which some people might find weird, but it’s lovely waking up with a little fluffy thing. She’s a maltese. They’re an amazing breed, and she’s really intelligent.

Who was the first person you spoke to this morning?

Someone from work who wanted to find out where I was and whether I was going to be on time. I normally am, although I was 10 minutes late today.

What was the best meal you had today?

I haven’t eaten much yet, but I had a pizza late last night. I always have a Margherita with garlic and herb dips.

What was the most expensive thing you bought today?

I shopped at Sainsbury’s and spent about £75 on a week’s food. Every time I go, I seem to spend more. I never have a list or plan my meals, I just go and take what I feel like.

What made you laugh most today?

Marcus Patric [Ben Davies in Hollyoaks]. I find him hilarious. We were doing rehearsals for a scene where we have to swim with sharks, so we had the giggles about that.

What do you regret about today?

That I didn’t wake up at 7.30 and go to the gym. That’s my regret every day. We’ve just finished doing the Hollyoaks calendar and all the girls got into a fitness routine for that – some people even got in personal trainers. That was two weeks ago and I haven’t been to the gym since.

What are you most proud about today?

That I’m going to swim with sharks tomorrow. I’m so excited – we’re going to the Blue Planet Aquarium in Cheshire to shoot the scene tomorrow.

What’s the most annoying thing anyone has said to you today?

I found out that I’ve got to work all weekend. At the moment we’re working long hours because we’re gearing up to do five shows a week.

What song can you not get out of your head at the moment?

Move Your Feet by Junior Senior. I really like it, it makes me want to get up, go out and go dancing.

What appointments did you write in your diary today?

An event I’m hosting in Manchester on 26 July. It’s a “speed dating” evening where guys get a chance to date 10 beautiful girls. As hostess, it’s my job to give them tips about chat-up lines and the art of seduction. I’ll have to think about that; I’m not very good on chat-up lines.

Did you meet anyone interesting today?

Not yet, but I’m looking forward to meeting the underwater camera operator at the aquarium tomorrow. He’s done loads of amazing stuff and worked on the Blue Planet series for David Attenborough.

How long did you spend getting ready this morning?

My make-up is usually done for me at work, so I literally just get up, have a shower and come straight in, and in about 15 minutes. This morning I probably spent about 25 minutes because I had to dry my own hair.

What time will you probably be in bed tonight?

I want to be really fresh for this shoot tomorrow, so I hope to be in bed by midnight. I’m going to learn all my lines and maybe just have a glass of red wine and some nice food and get to bed early.

Was it a bad hair day of a good hair day?

Bad. I went to bed with wet hair last night, so I can’t get it looking right today because it’s going in all the wrong directions.

9:29pm on 22nd June 2003

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