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SOURCE: Star Mag, 25th January 2003

main_press_star250103.jpgHollyoaks likes it’s actresses to be under-dressed, but Elize du Toit thinks they’ve gone too far…!

Hollyoaks babe Izzy Cornwell is set to cause a splash in the teen soap this week as her water polo team make their big match debut.
Sexy actress Elize du Toit has had to get used to her character strutting around the set in skimpy outfits.
But her latest storylines – which also include her donning a red swimming cossie to train as a lifeguard – have tried even her patience.
For rubber-necking fans of the hit Channel 4 show have been cramming into the college pool used for filming to catch a glimpse of her curves.
Elize insists (somewhat unconvincingly): “I’m just not very good at glamour… It doesn’t come easily to me.
“It was like one of my worst nightmares come true. I had to walk around in a bikini in front of all those viewers.”
But, while bringing a bit of warmth into the life of soap fans, the 22-year-old is still nursing her own broken heart.
Elize is feeling lonely after splitting with her former Hollyoaks co-star Ben Hull, who now plays Dr Gray Parr in Brookside.
The couple split last year and while Ben has already found another girl, Elize is still single.
She explains: “Yes, like the rest of us I am looking for the person who can give me the ideal smooch.
“It would just make my day.”
And the babe insists it doesn’t matter if her prospective fella is fat, spotty or walks with a limp.
She smiles: “I’m not just into men for their bodies. In fact, their bodies don’t really matter to me.
“I got for the feeling I get when I am around them. Their personality and the aura that they have are very important.
“I want someone who makes me feel special… not just on special days like Valentine’s Day and Christmas. I mean all the time.”
Elize’s on-screen alter-ego Izzy has also gone through the pain of breaking up with a boyfriend… and she turned to the water polo for comfort.
She says: “Izzy recently broke up with Tony Hutchinson, played by Nick Pickard. So she’s concentrating on other projects.
“She has just started a water polo team. And she’s spending a lot of time in the swimming pool with her bikini on.
“But there’s an on-going thing between her and Ben Davies, who she has been supporting after his recent pot-holing accident.”
Ben is portrayed by Elize’s friend Sarah Dunn’s boyfriend Marcus Patrick. Elize and Sarah spend a lot of time together and the glamorous pair recently went on a European shopping excursion together.
She explains: “Sarah and I went to Paris. We spent the whole day looking around for clothes. And we had a really good time.”
Shopaholic Elize will go all the way to Europe’s fashion capitals to get the exact fashion accessory she is after.
And regular trips to her homeland of South Africa ensure she has the number one fashion accessory… a year round tan.
She says: “I spend most of my time sunbathing on the beach with my shades on.
“At least I don’t have to endure the cold British winters.”
Elize is a regular on the soap since arriving at Hollyoaks two years ago, and she is a fan’s favourite, thanks to her regular bed-hopping antics.
Izzy was first entwined with her childhood sweetheart Eric, who got the big E as the plotlines progressed.
The she linked up with Adam Morgan until she discovered that the sneaky lad had been making videos of her behind her back.
And her liason with Tony finished when he two-timed her in the most hurtful kind of way.
But Elize laughs: “I don’t think Izzy is as unlucky in love as people make her out to be.
“She’s just had a couple of bad experiences with boyfriends.
“And I think her last liason – with Tony – was a bit of a no-go area because he ended up getting engaged to Julie at exactly the same time.
“But I think it’s just a case of her waiting to find the right person.”
Elize was half-way through a History degree at Edinburgh University when she was spotted by Hollyoaks talent scouts.
She recalls: “I thought I had failed the audition before I had really said anything.
“They were trying to get down to a short-list and I was going to say a few words about myself.
“But then they said: ‘No thanks!’ and send me away.
“However they asked me back for a full script-reading and that narrowed it down even more.
“It was worth it when I was told that I had won the part”
Never let it be said that looks count for everything on Hollyoaks.

9:25pm on 25th January 2003

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