Elize du Toit

Bond Girls

SOURCE: For Him Magazine, November 2002

main_press_fhm1102.jpgElize Du Toit from Hollyoaks as Pussy Galore in Goldfinger.

So, Pussy Galore then…

I enjoyed it. The big hair was quite a feat of hairdressing. The hay didn’t get anywhere uncomfortable but it was quite smelly. They don’t tell you that when they ask for a roll in the hay.

007 can seduce a lady merely by arching an eyebrow. What does it take to pull you?

Honest eyes and a good sense of humour. But since I’ve been in Hollyoaks, I never get chatted up. And it’s not because I don’t go out.

Bond always has flash cars. What’s in your driveway?

A nippy black Golf. I fancy a Mercedes Coupe next, or perhaps something funky like a vintage MG or Porsche 911.

Posh blokes. Good or bad thing?

I’m indifferent to poshness. I went to public school and Edinburgh University, so I’ve had my fair share of posh boys. You’re all the same under the accent.

If you could get Q to invent the perfect gadget for you, what would it be?

Something that speeds up time, so I could fast-forward through boring awards ceremonies to the after show party. And it’d be in chewing gum form. I used to be really into MacGyver and love all that explosive gum stuff.

A girl who’s into MacGyver? We’re in love…

I loved all that cheesy Eighties action stuff. The A-Team, Airwolf… Murder She Wrote. I’ve ruined it now, haven’t I?

9:22pm on 1st November 2002

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