Elize du Toit

World’s sexiest soap star – it’s official!

SOURCE: Ice Magazine, October 2002

main_press_ice1002.jpgIt’s time again for the annual ICE Soap Babes Awards. But this year there was only ever going to be one winner. Break out the champagne and raise your glasses high for the one, the only, Miss Elize Du Toit.

“I was gay until I saw your pictures” splutters one impressionable young man on an Elize du Toit fan site. Yes, with her gorgeous figure, blonde hair, blue eyes and the ability to turn gay boys straight with the merest glance, Elize is the obvious winner of this year’s ICE soap babe awards. And a new entry into the chart to boot.

Twenty-two-year-old Elize plays Izzy Cornwell (the posh student who thinks she’s better than everyone else) on Channel 4’s ‘yoof soap’, Hollyoaks. She arrived at the college in September 2000, was rescued from drowning in the pool by Adam Morgan – who she dated, but dumped when she found he was secretly filming her, the stalker! – and has recently (and unbelievably) been dallying with resident ‘Oaks imbecile, Tony. Of course what everyone knows about South African Elize is that she came to Hollyoaks through the On the Pull open auditions (basically SoapStars before it’s time, but for Chester-based teen-froth drama), ‘sacrificing’ her degree course in History at Edinburgh University in the process. But that’s not important. Not to us anyway. What’s important is why Elize is soap’s number one sex bomb. And it’s because…

  • She’s bloody gorgeous. But you’ll already have seen that from the pics.
  • She’s a big fan of everyone’s fave lingerie items, stockings and suspenders. She reckons, “That bit at the top before you get into the knickers makes for a sexy look.” And, well, she’s not wrong there.
  • She’ll never let her figure go. Not without a fight, anyway. “I’ve just turned 22 and I’m panicking that everything is about to drop so I’ve started going to the gym. And I love going out dancing with my girlfriends on a Saturday night, which keeps me in shape.”
  • She loves motors, owning a black Golf Gti, and was once pulled over for dangerous driving when she overtook by going to the right of a keep left bollard. She’s also been “known to smooch in my car”. Who or what she won’t say though.
  • She enjoys her sexy photo shoots almost as much as we do (and that’s a lot). “I did a shoot in the Bahamas and didn’t mind because it was really hot and I didn’t feel awkward in a bikini. But it’s all part and parcel. I just take everything as it comes. It’s quite good fun.”
  • She was one of the Hollyoaks girls who, alongside fit co-stars Lisa Kay (Anna) and Sarah Dunn (Mandy), launched Miss Sexy Spex UK, a modeling competition for girls with glasses, thus raising the self-esteem of speccy birds nationwide.
  • She was nominated in the Sexiest Female category at the 2001 British Soap Awards. But criminally, didn’t win. Robbery!
  • She’s not at all like her character. “The main thing [while acting] is to be natural, which is tricky with Izzy because she’s like a big caricature of a posh bird.”
  • She plays the piano. Properly, not just chopsticks. If only she’d come and tinkle with our ivories.
  • Elize’s perfect man is “someone who makes me feel special, not just Valentines Day”. A challenge we’re sure we’d all be keen to accept. After all, she makes us feel special every time she’s on screen.
  • She’s happy to put playing cards down her knickers for magazine photographs. Ace! Toit trumps anyone?
  • In the show, she works in the local boozer of an evening. Meaning that she’s not only gorgeous, she’ll also get you drunk. What more do you need from a woman?

And that’s why we love her. So much that we’ll forgive her for going out with co-star and short-lived SMTV presenter James Redmond [sic]. Elize rocks our world to the very core. And no doubt she rocks yours too.

Elize on the Internet

A selection of ‘insightful’ comments left by fans on Elize message boards on the web. Brace yourself, we’re going in…

“Elize du Toit is an amazing woman. She is attractive with big boobs and is intelligent.”
“Oh yeah, bouncy, bouncy!”
“Hope Izzy’s tops keep getting lower and lower.”
“What does Elize’s mother do as a job?”
“Elize is the most beautiful woman in the world.”
“Elize, I’ve lost my mobile number, can I have yours? Mail me if you fancy a drink.”
“Look, I’m friends with her brother. There will be no naked pictures of her anywhere around here.”

And this, with the exception of the voice of reason of Elize’s brother’s mate, is a first-rate demonstration of how ridiculously pathetic cyberspace can be. If you wrote any of those, get out more. (These can [no longer] be seen at mercury.beseen.com/guestbook/h/188308/guestbook.html if you think we’ve made them up. If only…)

9:17pm on 1st October 2002

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