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SOURCE: Maxim Magazine, August 2002

main_press_maxim0802.jpgFragrant soaps may be for ladies, but just look at the fragrant ladies in soaps… set the control to spin cycle six.

What’s the standout perk to being one of the country’s top soap queens?

I wish I could say it’s all the free clothes and make-up but I’ve never had any! I suppose it’s the fact that it’s a brilliant job, I’m learning loads and it affords me a great lifestyle. I’ve been very fortunate in that I’ve been able to buy my own house and car without any help from my parents.

If you hadn’t made it as an actress, what would you be doing now?

I was at University in Edinburgh before I quite the course to join Hollyoaks so I’d have definitely finished that and gone on to be a journalist. I’ve always fancies the idea of writing for a living. I’d love to go and finish my history course. Everyone needs some intellectual stimulation so I might still finish it through the Open University.

Will you ever go back and live in your native South Africa?

Perhaps. I go back every Christmas and it’s so hot and beautiful. I’d recommend it as a holiday destination. But politically and socially it’s a bit unstable to live there at the moment.

How do you learn your lines?

Usually I’ll learn them when I’m lying in the bath or in bed the night before – it’s all conversational stuff so it’s pretty easy.

How would you want to be written out of the series?

I’d like a really dramatic death. Me and Kate Baines, who plays Beth, always joke about our characters. We’re forever planning our own exits for a laugh. We’d like some really dramatic endings. I’d like Beth to drag Izzy to the top of a tall building and shove me off. Either that or take a stake through the heart.

Do you ever get mistaken for someone else?

Quite a few people have thought I was Claire from Steps. And a couple of people have said that I look like Cameron Diaz, which is quite flattering, so I much prefer that.

When you’re out on the town, are men intimidated by the fact that you’re on the telly a lot?

Possibly, because in the entire time I’ve been on Hollyoaks, I’ve only ever been chatted up once. And that was a really feeble effort from a guy who just mumbled something about wanting to buy me a drink. It’s so disheartening. What’s wrong with me?

We’ll let you know when we find something. Do you get any dubious fan mail?

Some of the girls have a few dodgy ones, but I’ve been lucky. The oddest I’ve had is some guy in the navy who sent me a photo of his ship, signed by his captain. I quite liked the fact that he was so proud of his ship he thought that I’d like to see it. And it taught me a new word. Frigate. I love that word so much now.

Who would you most like to snog out of the Hollyoaks cast?

It would be an ex-cast member, Ben Hull, because he’s now my boyfriend. It did get quite weird recently because I had to snog Nick Pickard on screen and he’s one of my boyfriend’s best friends. My boyfriend actually refused to watch that scene when it was broadcast. What was really freaky was that the first time I kissed Nick on screen I came out in this huge rash. It was all over my cheeks and neck so I had to be patched up with make-up. Apparently some men have so much testosterone in their bodies that it can cause an allergic reaction in girls.

Have your acting skills ever come in handy in real life?

The most useful thing is being able to turn on the tears. I cry a lot anyway, but it can be quite handy to open the floodgates if you really need to.

If your character got a job in a new lap-dancing club in Hollyoaks, how good would you be at it? And what outfit would you wear?

I’ve never done it before, but I used to do quite a bit of dancing so I reckon I could pull it off with a bit of panache. As for what I might wear, stockings and suspenders are very sexy. I’ve only ever worn them once but that bit of bare skin at the top before you get to the knickers definitely makes for a sexy look. Really simple, plain white underwear can also look very sexy. Although I nipped into Agent Provocateur yesterday for the first time and was blown away by some of their outrageous stuff. I ended up buying a very sexy little bikini.

Danielle Brent told us that someone has had sex on the Hollyoaks set. Anything you’d like to get off your chest?

It wasn’t me! Whoever it was kept it very quiet because I’d have known about it. Maybe it was Danielle. It’s the old double bluff.

Ever seen any misbehavior on those award nights, when all the soap stars turn out?

I went to this year’s Baftas and I expected to be really blown away, but I didn’t meet anyone and everyone seemed to stick to their own little groups. Maybe it was just me and they were all deliberately ignoring me. So, no, unfortunately I didn’t see anyone misbehaving. Except for that Izzy from Hollyoaks. She’s a right one when she gets going.

9:13pm on 1st August 2002

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