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Izzy the one?

SOURCE: Soap Life Magazine, May 3rd 2002

main_press_soaplife030502.jpgTony’s the joker of the pack with the kind heart… and, when Izzy needs a friend, it could be the start of something big, reveals Elize du Toit.

Life hasn’t exactly been a bowl of cherries for Izzy Cornwell of late. After a disastrous girls’ weekend away, she returned to Chester to find her mum Patty, who was supposed to have just been visiting, shacked up with Dog landlord Jack Osborne. As a result, she becomes increasingly close to Tony. So what’s all that about?

‘Tony understands what Izzy’s going through because of what happened between his mum and Finn,’ says actress Elize du Toit, who plays Izzy. ‘The fact that he mum’s being unfaithful comes as a big shock to Izzy. She’s never been particularly close to her parents but, like many people, she’s been living the illusion that her parents were the perfect couple with the perfect marriage.

‘But that’s clearly not the case at all. Patty, Izzy’s mum, tells her that her father’s been having flings for years and now it’s her turn to have some fun. Izzy’s shattered by this revelation and feels Tony’s the only person she can talk to at the moment, so they’re drawn together through circumstance.

‘They also have a lot in common – they’re both loners with independent streaks and few close friends. In fact, apart from Beth, Izzy doesn’t have any girlfriends, while all Tony’s friends have moved away. Izzy regards Tony as a friend and she’s ready to appreciate anyone for their friendship.’

Is that all it is, though?

‘The borders become a bit blurred,’ admits Elize. ‘Their relationship becomes much closer, and a deep friendship develops between them. Certainly Eve and Chloe jump to conclusions when they happen to see Izzy wearing Tony’s bathrobe.

‘Tony’s being lovely to Izzy and she’s confused about her feelings for him. She’s only ever previously regarded him as a boss or landlord. She doesn’t massively fancy him or anything. There’s no big thunderbolt. But who knows? That might change…’

It could also be that Izzy’s going to be relying on Tony more than ever when Scott, the ‘celebrity’ footballer who raped Beth, starts stalking Izzy in an attempt to get back at Beth for stealing his keys and trashing his house.

‘Scott sees Izzy as a real challenge because she’s Beth’s best friend,’ Elize continues. ‘She’s totally not interested, but her indifference doesn’t put him off.’

The situations made more complicated, not to mention dangerous, when Izzy discovers Beth trying to set a ‘honey trap’ for Scott to get him back for the rape.

‘Izzy understands why Beth feels so bitter, but there’s no way she’s prepared to let Beth do anything like that,’ Elize explains. ‘It’s just too dodgy. She tries to talk to Beth, but she just won’t listen to reason. As a result of Beth’s tunnel vision about Scott, Izzy becomes closer to Tony.’

So is Izzy in any kind of danger? Is she a pawn caught between Beth and Scott?

‘I can’t go into details, but kind of,’ admits Elize. ‘Let’s just say if Izzy thinks she has problems now, she has no idea. Life’s about to get a whole lot worse!’

3:02pm on 3rd May 2002

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