Elize du Toit

Pride of Chester

SOURCE: For Him Magazine, March 2002

main_press_fhm0302.jpgHangover TV doesn’t get more pleasant on the eye than Channel 4’s Hollyoaks. Elize du Toit plays Izzy, the sexy male-bothering posh kid slumming it as a barmaid.

You left university to take up your role on Hollyoaks. Did your professors despair of you for giving up your degree for TV fame?

No, I got the job during a summer holiday so I e-mailed my tutor and they were really keen on me doing it. But it was always with the thought that I was going to go back after a year. But actually I’ve just deferred for another year.

Let’s be honest. You’re never going back, are you?

One day I will ­ when I’m pregnant or something. It’s so easy to forget about stuff like that when you’re in this kind of job because there are always magazines like Heat and OK! lying around and they’re such trash ­ but they’re compulsive reading.
It seems all the other girls on Hollyoaks are shopaholics. Are you afflicted too?

No, I absolutely can’t stand shopping for clothes. I hate it. I get bored and tired after the first 20 minutes. It’s such an exhausting thing to do.

A girl who hates shopping! Brilliant! You can’t be perfect though, so tell us what awful things you’ve done to men.

I’m an angel! But I did hear a hilarious thing that one of my friends did. Someone I know, I can’t remember what this guy did, but she wiped her bum with his toothbrush. Isn’t that just repulsive? But please don’t say that I said that because it was not me.

A toothbrush, you say? I think we might be able to guess who that was. Now, if you could use your influential position as Sunday morning entertainer of hungover young men to tell them one thing about women, what would you say?

That being gentle is always better than being rough. And don’t take your bird for granted.

2:56pm on 1st March 2002

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