Elize du Toit

Jolly Hollyoaks

SOURCE: Now Magazine, 21st February 2001

main_press_now210201.jpgSchool’s out for Hollyoaks actresses Terri Dwyer, Lisa Kay and Elize Du Toit. Their screen characters are swotty Ruth, Anna and Izzy. But after turning them into St Trinian’s-style bad girls, we discovered who was the teacher’s pet… and the class nightmare!

Age: 20

School: Pretoria High School, South Africa.

Best Subject: History

Worst Subject: I found geography hard, even though I’ve travelled all over the place.

Good girl / bad girl: I was really goop up until secondary school. Then there were a few things, like getting caught smoking in the bushes. I was a prefect when I was 12 and I remember missing assembly by hiding in the toilets. It was a big deal then and I was so scared – but it sounds a bit sad now.

Naughtiest Behaviour: I got in trouble for talking during my art exam. And the worst was probably smoking, although it didn’t last for long, it was horrible.

Good memory: I was lucky. There were great girls in my schools and I’ve made very solid friendships.

Bad Memory: I went to lots of schools. One was an 800-pupil boarding school with just 50 girls. The boys treated the girls terribly. They followed one poor girl with enormous ginger hair singing The Lion King. Every time new girls arrived, they’d hold up scoreboards.

Teen Idol: I liked Kevin Costner, but I didn’t have any posters of him.

School Sweetheart: That was George Georgiades. I was nine. We never spoke, but he wrote me letters saying how much he liked me. I remember being worried that it wasn’t a ‘real’ relationship, so I organised a meeting behind the bike sheds. I said one word and he ran away!

Girlie Fact: I used to make all my own lipsticks and lip balms. Now I knit and read. I’m doing a big long cardigan with a hood at the moment.

Should have been: A historian. I was halfway through a History degree when I got the part in Hollyoaks. Around 40,000 applied and I was stunned to get it. Leaving college wasn’t easy, but Hollyoaks was an amazing opportunity and I couldn’t let it pass me by.

Headmasters’s comment: With 9 GCSEs and four straight A’s at A-level, Elize was always going to be a smart cookie. She’s got beauty and brains.

10:01pm on 21st February 2001

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